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The most expensive real estate in Nigeria, Banana Island, Lagos. Find out more information

Banana Island in lagos Nigeria has overtime proved to be the most expensive real estate in Nigeria if not in Africa. A plot of land in Banana Island can build an Estate in other areas in  Nigeria.

This Island houses the who and who in the Nigeria society and diplomats. According to Estate Nigeria, averagely, 1000sqm land in Banana Island has an average cost of 150million Nigeria Naira ($937,500). 

Banana Island overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and in the coastal area of Lagos. You can contact our agency if you desire the invest in this area and we will be glad to lead you right.

Also, the land owners in this area however still believes sometime the price will hit a billion naira as they are not willing to sell most of the time while leaving the land undeveloped. 

Serious buyers however can still get a good location on this Island as long as they show the willingless and are ready. The Island is well laid out with some plots at the sea side and some plots in dry areas which is the inner part of the Island.

Odofin Caleb is a Marketing Director with Stoconverge Ventures, a Real Estate marketing Firm in Nigeria. You can get more information on how to buy land in Banana Island on our Website

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